Crosswords made with memories from your relative's life

Crosswords are indicated for people with Alzheimer’s disease, since they stimulate the brain. Now this activity will also bring emotional benefits and rewards to the family relationship. Create a customized crossword with the memories of your relative, solve it with him and share happy moments together remembering your stories.

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How does it work?


You can create your relative’s crosswords. You only need to take a few simple steps to establish his profile and then answer the questions that will generate his Crossed Memories.

  • Memórias recentes

    Answer some questions to define the profile of the person that will answer the Crossed Memories. This will help the system to suggest the first questions.

  • Memórias recentes

    A few questions based on the profile will come up. You can answer the customized questions or change them for others that you consider more interesting.

  • Memórias recentes

    There you go! After the system cross the answers, you can print, share or save your Crossed Memories

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It’s very important to be along with your relative when he solves the crosswords. Besides the most common symptoms, Alzheimer also generates social and family isolation, what can cause other diseases, like depression. When you solve the puzzle together, you create new bonds that help to avoid this. Get to understand how the questions are:

  • Assuntos Gerais

    General Topics

    Questions about your relative’s daily routine, related to his profile that will help to create the dynamics of the puzzle.

  • Memórias recentes

    Recent Memories

    These are the first ones to be affected by Alzheimer. In Crossed Memories you won’t find many of them, because they are the most difficult ones to work with. It’s not recommended to "force" your relative to remember recent facts, because this can affect his self-esteem.

  • Memórias Antigas

    Old memories

    They exercise the cognitive area of the brain, helping to keep it active. Besides that, they are the least affected, and that’s the reason why you will find them more frequently in Crossed Memories: remembering them will help you to reconnect with your relative.



In Brazil, it’s estimated that there are more than 1 million people with Alzheimer, a degenerative disease that is characterized by the progressive loss of the neural cells. More common after the age of 65, it is the main cause of dementia among the elderly, causing problems of memory, thinking and behavior. Today, Alzheimer is responsible for 50% to 80% of the cases of dementia in the world. Intellectual activities, such as crosswords and physical exercises are the main preventive measures.*

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* Sources: Ministério da Saúde and Brazil's Instituto Alzheimer.