About Alzheimer

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Alzheimer is a degenerative disease, more common after the age of 65, and is characterized by the progressive loss of neural cells. Its most common symptom is the loss of memory, but it also causes problems in the organization of thinking and behavior.

The symptoms progresses slowly, and in general the diagnostic is late. That’s why the family and the patient himself must watch out for little changes in behavior and in reasoning.

The disease still doesn’t have a known cause, cure or reversion, but physical and mental exercises and new medicines can help to reduce its evolution and to improve the patient’s life.

The Alzheimer in Brazil

  • From the age of 65
    the risk doubles every 5 years.

  • In Brazil, the number of people
    with the disease already reaches about 1.2 Million

  • Main reason
    for dementia among the elderly

    Each year, there are 100 thousand new cases

  • Symptoms

      • Loss of recent memory
      • Difficulty in learning new information
      • Repetition of the same question in a short period of time
      • Difficulty in following up conversations and complex reasoning
      • Difficulty in making calculations
      • Difficulty in finding well-known paths
      • Irritability, aggressiveness and behavioral problems
      • Feelings of persecution
      • Incorrect interpretation of audiovisual stimulus
      • Social isolation

* Sources: Ministério da Saúde and Brazil's Instituto Alzheimer.